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Гора Мозга -- Brain Mountain
Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

жизнь.уполномочена.жизнь.усиливается      life.empowered.lives.engaged

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Projects and Products Underway:

Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

Corporate Technology Business Center

Information and Intelligence Companies

Technologies and Products serving Emerging Global Needs in Medicine, Sports and Social Applications

This is a brief but comprehensive and futures-view listing. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver what you want and need, with what we have already, what we are working on, or something new for You.

[1] "Botmobile" - Smart Bots for custom audiences and environments, with many options for individualization, privacy (including encryption and anonymity).
Telegram Bots and also bots for other supporting environments. These are not ordinary simplistic bots - they learn and grow with your decisions, behaviors, preferences, and you control them, not the other way around). They are true bots, but also we have some that are more powerful and independent applications which will themseves support bots.

Examples in our repertoire today, underway, and planned for upcoming releases:

  • SkiBot
    ski and sports enthusiasts, but especially for skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts at different ski slopes and resorts
  • AirBot
    airline travelers and people concerned about airport schedules, delays, traffic, flight changes, and overall safety, security, and scheduling
  • TourBot
    tourists and travelers, worldwide, for all aspects of travel, lodging, meals, and finding the best deals, views, seats, menus
  • HealthNVest
    patients @ hospital and clinics, for scheduling, coordinating, remembering appointments, best ways to get somewhere, expected time to be done, medicine lists, pharmceutical supplies and sources, personal health-related financial management and budgeting. This bot serves personal health and wellness enhancement and disease management, combined with functions for planning, management and optimization of personal finances for healthcare cost control
  • BEZO
    personal safety, security, and emergency situation management, for individuals, families, and friends, including smart real-time information on where-to-go, where-not-to-go, and other life-critical, lifesaving information; where to get medical emergency response or physical assistance in the field, at the site, and how-to information for medical emergency aid, for anti-violence countermeasures, and more (also known as EmergeSense)
  • RTV - Real True Vision
    vision care - your eyes, your eyeglasses, and everything for better, clearer, healthier vision - information, advice, and also reminders and aids for checking both your vsion and your eyewear
  • VNT - Vision Neurorestorative Therapy
    therapeutic aids for brain injuries and neurological disease and disorders - for patients of stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Alzheimer's, and for family members and other caregivers
  • BashNBlast
    party organizing, planning, scheduling and coordinating for gifts, food, entertainment, and travel to and from including "designated driver" aids (also known as GDP - Get It Do It Play It)
  • EcoFash
    information on fashion (MODA), cosmetics (ALLURA), nutrition (NUTRA), rejuvenation (REJUVA) and intimacy (LIBIDA)
    resource management and logistics tool for emergency response workers, especially for disaster relief, storm/flood/earthquake clean-up and restoration of services

[2] "Sophie" - A smarter AVATAR to help You.
Not to "tell you what you want and should think," but to genuinely Help you with what you already know or want to recall, find, do .

Sophie is especially skilled at reminding and recalling things that matter and she is smart enough to give me more pertinent and useful information when things change on your side, as they always do. Sophie is being trained with SYNT - Synthetic Intelligence - something with significant differences from "conventional, popular, mainstream AI." Sophie makes use of all the "Botmobile" bots and apps that we have and are producing.

Sophie uses three special tools with her people, her close friends whom she serves:
MagicCircles - a personal/social “weather forecast” for people – moods, locations, busy-states, activities, wish-lists
MagicMind - a GPS-attuned reminder app, with functions to alert a person based upon location proximity plus time constraints about particular tasks, purchases, meetings, but much more personal and intelligent than other reminder apps on the internet
MagicStory - Sophie uses this to construct personalized stories about what she notices and thinks about what you and your friends have been doing - a kind of journal or diary written by a very close observer and friend - Sophie

[3] "Delphi" - The Prediction Engine
Delphi (named after the famous Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece) is a sophisticated system for analysis and forecasting and it makes use of bots but does a lot more. It works with very large, massive, unstructured and poorly defined data, such as from social networks, but it can handle virtually any database (e.g., corporate and governmental). Delphi is being written in a new high-level language ("Seldon") and we are super-excited about our progress thus far. Delphi encompasses predictive adanlytics, big data, parallel processing, and deep learning.

Delphi is for Prediction, Forecast, and Futures - in the personal world, in business, in finance and investment, in policy-planning, in any field - what Google and others have been in "search engines." Think Now of "La Difference!"

[3] iBank - The Private Information Bank and Trust
The iBank provides an unparalleled and indefatigable Data Haven which operates in the very classical sense as a Private Bank and Trust with information securities that can be safely stored, traded, and sold. This is very client-centered and the privacy and encryption methods employed are very different from anything else ever developed. There is impregnable defense against any intrusion by any entity including unwanted as well as unauthorized access. No one except the authorized client can have access to the data securities stored within the iBank's digital vaults.

For additional information on the iBank, we have due to security. Please contact us and we will evaluate all requests seriously and carefully.

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