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Гора Мозга -- Brain Mountain
Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

жизнь.уполномочена.жизнь.усиливается      life.empowered.lives.engaged

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Focusing upon Current Opportunities with

Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

Corporate Technology Business Center

Information and Intelligence Companies

Technologies and Products serving Emerging Global Needs in Medicine, Sports and Social Applications

There are now real and attractive Opportunities for people, companies, and institutions to work for and with Brain Mountain as it develops and grows. Now is a really excellent time for us to get to know one another - right at the Beginning Stage.

[Clients and Customers - for Products and Services!]
Contact us about analytics and special services, and let's Begin from the Beginning: You tell us what you need, what you really want, and we will work with you on creating Solutions that are both realistic and ideal. And don't forget where we are and that this is a great place in the world for us to build a long, solid, satisfactory business Relationship!

[Bright, Smart, Creative, Energetic PEOPLE - Come Work with Us!]
You can read other pages on this introductory website and get an idea about where your skills could fit. We are looking for people with Initiative, with Drive, with Energy, and with Desire to accomplish something fun, worthwhile, and rewarding in all ways and means, especially financially and socially.

Sure, we can looking for "STEMM" geniuses, and certainly for people who understand how to produce great engineering results, both "soft" and "hard" - but we also want to meet and talk with you if your mind and your "special genius" is in other areas that are very important for Brain Mountain and its big ambitions and goals - such as finance, investment, marketing, public relations and commercial graphics.

[Invest in Us!]
We have a portfolio of established companies with products that are already in the market and selling. We have a portfolio of companies and intellectual property that is The Future of Computing and Biomedicine. We have things that cannot be found in many of the companies and groups you hear about - remember that Brain Mountain is not just one small business but a "bee hive" of exciting activities!

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