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Гора Мозга -- Brain Mountain
Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

жизнь.уполномочена.жизнь.усиливается      life.empowered.lives.engaged

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An introduction to

Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

Corporate Technology Business Center

Information and Intelligence Companies

Technologies and Products serving Emerging Global Needs in Medicine, Sports and Social Applications

Brain Mountain is a center of enterprise excellence focusing on the science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine that will be of critical value and importance for our world in coming years, decades and even centuries.

Brain Mountain is a pioneering center based upon practical business economics and financial management. It constitutes a business technology park environment dedicated to advanced scientific and technology projects, ventures and companies, operating principally and initially within the domain of intelligence technology and encompassing traditional “IT” - information technology - and innovations in computing, communication, and cybernetics, all focused upon applications serving today's global needs.

Brain Mountain is located within the Gorki Gorod (Estasadok) business district near Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, nestled in the mountains, and also quite near to Sochi and the Black Sea. This is situated in the heart of the all-season sports and leisure region, known especially for winter sports and the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Brain Mountain is a private enterprise that includes and welcomes public participation and international engagement. The member-partners of Brain Mountain include both brand-new and well-established companies. They work both independently and in collaborative partnerships, sharing common infrastructure resources and with strong cooperation and synergy. There are several companies co-located with physical offices and labs within Brain Mountain, with plans for steady expansion and growth (later in 2016 and beyond). There are affiliations with other firms, universities and institutions in Russia, European Union states, USA, Canada and other BRICS and ASEAN nations.

The focus of all of the members, their technologies and their products is upon the strongest emerging areas of the information technology (IT) field. These include synthetic (artificial) intelligence, data mining, virtual reality, cybersecurity, predictive modeling, parallel and distributed computing (including “cloud” technology) and the emerging "power-fields" of quantum computing, quantum biology, and nanotechnology. Member companies and ventures are active with both current in-market products and new R&D within many different areas of IT applications for the corporate, public and consumer sectors.

All of the activities are commercially focused and product-oriented. Research is pragmatic, structured, and directed to serve well-understood market needs and proven paths to sustainable business success. At the same time, there is fundamental attention given to promising innovation that can break barriers of perceived limitation and constraints, in all aspects of technology development and product design.

Within Brain Mountain there is a special concentration upon information technologies serving healthcare, medicine, sports, and social communication networks, using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to deliver more robust and capable products to companies, public agencies and the world's population.

Within this intersection of broad and growing domains, especially concerning health and fitness, there is particular focus upon a few specific areas of large-scale social importance for today's world – neurology, neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic brain injury, psychological disorders. Brain Mountain's member-partners direct special attention with their research, technology, and products to the relationships of these medical problems and treatments with sports medicine, physical fitness, and the field of rehabilitative and restorative medicine. The primary focus is upon the brain and central nervous system, but also addressed are cardiovascular, orthopedic, and sexual-reproductive medical needs, because of the critical connectivity and interdependence within such areas for long-term health and vitality.

Among the products being developed by member-partners within Brain Mountain are new tools for medical imaging (especially brain imaging), virtual reality for therapy and rehabilitation, vision enhancement and correction, social network based methods for assessment of physical and psychological health and critical changes, and a large repertoire of tools for use by individuals, families, and companies with respect to improving nutrition, exercise, athletics, weight control, and the management of disorders such as depression, diabetes, obesity, and several neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's.

Within Brain Mountain there is also research and development in areas that serve the interests and goals of long-term future energy needs, environmental protection and adjustment to climate change, future food production needs, and many topics for which innovative, intelligent and powerful computing and information management requirements are required. Within Brain Mountain are experts and specialists working on such topics as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, virtual reality and nuclear fusion. All of this work is happening within small groups who work closely together with other specialists and laboratories around Russia, Europe and the rest of the World, using the capabilities of the internet and creative collaboration skills.

Brain Mountain is a center for education, training, exchange of information, and the pragmatic, commercial development of business relationships. The center sponsors and conducts professional workshops, conferences, symposia, seminars, trainings, exhibits and trade shows, all related to its areas of activity. These events take place in venues within (principally) Gorki Gorod and nearby Roza Khutor. The audiences for all of these special events include specialists and experts in their professions, business and finance executives, public planners and administrators, and the general public. This ability to deliver a wide range of informative and educational programs for many different types of people is part of the mission and the strength of the Brain Mountain family of people and companies.

Brain Mountain is located within a modern, upscale, commercial-residential complex in Gorki Gorod, close to the Marriott Hotel, the Gazprom hotel complex, and many fine resorts, hotels, complexes, and businesses including the Roza Khutor and high-mountain resport complexes. Brain Mountain is a joint venture corporate organization, comprising both for-profit and non-profit components, formed by several principals and firms within the Russian Federation and from other nations.

What is happening Today in Brain Mountain is only the very beginning. Already it is a "Magnet" drawing people together and to think and talk about this area, the warm, pleasant region of Sochi, Adler, and Krasnaya Polyana, as being the "seed" of a "New Silicon Valley" - a Eurasian Center of Excellence in science, technology, and very practical and profitable business. What a beautiful thing it is becoming! We open our doors to you with your ideas, wants and needs - Come Join Us!

Upcoming Planned Workshops, Seminars, Conferences:

Workshop on Brain and Sports Medicine – tentative dates in October 2016

Conference on Brain and Sports Medicine – tentative dates in May, 2017
Focus: Neurodegenerative disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Sports injuries to brain and CNS, Neurorestorative medicine and therapy

Virtual Reality in Brain and Sport Medicine –early 2017

The Internet of Things and New Advances in Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition - 2016 or 2017

Innovations in Critical Care Nursing and Long-term Rehabilitation - Summer, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Customer Relations and Services - Summer, 2017

The Krasnaya Conferences - (four series in physics, biology, socioeconomics and space sciences)
based upon the TETRAD Seminar Series, resuming a revised schedule in mid-2017 – see http://instinnovstudy.org/seminarseries.php

ExITE – Entrepreneurial Innovation and Technology Execution - “incubator-accelerator” seminars and trainings – starting in late 2016

Quantum Computing for Future Aircraft Design and Safety - 2016 or 2017

Quantum Computing for Achieving the Goal of Controlled Nuclear Fusion - 2016 or 2017

Eurasia "BRAIN STEM" Summit - 2016 or 2017
Bringing together in one place the leading decision makers of national and international science and technology initiatives and programs, to discuss and produce new and improved collaborations among researchers and businesses in the European and Asian nations

Some Pertinent Keywords:

Application areas:

Sports medicine
Neurodegenerative disease and neurorestorative medicine
Athletics, sports, fitness
Rehabilitatiive and restorative therapies
Disease management
Rejunvation and vitality

Prediction, forecast, modeling
Feature extraction, knowledge acquisition
Image and pattern recognition
Virtual reality
Intelligent marketing and customer relations

Technology Cores:

Artificial Intelligence (Synthetic Intelligence)
Machine Learning and neural networks
Virtual reality
Data mining ("Big Data")

Quantum Computing
Quantum Biology and Medicine
Synthetic Biology

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