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Гора Мозга -- Brain Mountain
Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

жизнь.уполномочена.жизнь.усиливается      life.empowered.lives.engaged

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The Vision, the Plan, and Current Developments:

Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

Corporate Technology Business Center

Information and Intelligence Companies

Technologies and Products serving Emerging Global Needs in Medicine, Sports and Social Applications

The purpose of this website is to share information with people who will have an interest in what we are building. Naturally, t the beginning stage of anything, it is always better to talk, to meet, to ask questions and receive answers.

Brain Mountain is entirely new, commencing in Spring of this year, 2016. It began in the course of business and technical discussions in Krasnodar, Russia. The following text, below, is a brief way of stating the Vision Plan as it is emerging. If you contact us, we will be happy to go into details about different aspects of enverything we are doing:

  • the "IT Park" and what is entailed - products, companies, people, abilities to produce and serve a global market in many spects of both conventional and advanced, innovative Information Technology
  • the Medical Information and Intelligence Technologies - what we have, what we are working on, with whom, for whom, and the details of how it can benefit your company, university, or other institution - or yourself as an individual and family member - we are working on several things for different audiences.

Brain Mountain is quite unique because (1) it is truly multinational and multi-disciplinary, and (2) it combines here-and-now practical and conventional products and services for the IT marketplace at the same time as bringing in very innovative, intelligence, and competitive technologies, and (3) it also has a historical basis and "track record" from previous and similar types of projects.

We aim to create here, starting later in 2016, something that begins with a "IT Park" (entrepreneurial, new, "startup" companies, mainly, and new products), but it is by no means about creating "only" some IT business activities in Gorki Gorod (Krasnaya Polyana, Estasadok).

This project will have a strong focus on technologies and products that will serve certain areas of healthcare, medicine, and more specifically: sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, therapeutics, and special treatments for situations that involve neurology (brain and central nervous system) mainly, but also other related aspects of medicine.

What we are doing incorporates research, product development, and also, in the future, clinical trials and actual treatments (therapies). How much of that will actually be physically happening right here in this valley (region), it is too early to say, but everything will be interconnected anhjd linked with the tech development center and people here.

1. We begin with "IT" (Information Technology) because we have several companies, people and products that are existing already and in our "camp" (group of members and partners). There are several small Russian companies, also a few foreign firms. There are products already, and this is really "All about Basic Business and Capital" - quite simple, direct and elementary: "make it, market it, sell it, make money."

2. However, our focus is not simply "IT" in the conventional sense. We also begin with organizing some small conferences and workshops for medical and health specialists, focusing upon neurology, sports medicine, traumatic injury, rehabilitation, therapy. This activity - the workshops, seminars, conferences - builds the "professional base" and also will attract foreign investors, sponosrs, and other supporters.

3. Gradually the "IT" and related technologies that we plan to develop, do research, produce, and manage (sell) from here (Gorki Gorod, Krasnaya Polyana) will focus more and more upon advanced medical and healthcare, but the central-most focus is upon neuroscience, neurology, brain, and connected with that - sports, athletics, fitness, rehabilitation - for all ages and types of people.

4. We hope that this will attract more companies, investors, and bright, creative people of all types, and then our "Brain Mountain" (Гора Мозг, as we call our project now) will really, truly, be like a "New Silicon Valley" here, inside Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, and really in the center of "Eurasia" in more ways than one).

5. Eventually, we intend to achieve another vision and goal, all part of the same big plan, and with a prior "track record" and "success story" although in other parts of the world. We want to create something here that is like what has been done in some other beautiful locations, such as in Costa Rica (Central America) and also Switzerland, Germany, and California. This will be a very special Health Clinic. It will not be a hospital for surgery and complex operations, but rather, it will be for Rehabilitative and Restorative Medicine.

This Clinic will be focused upon sports, athletics, and similar situations where there have been injuries or mishaps. This part of the plan is "long-term" and it could change in many ways - right now it is something we want to do, after we have established the IT and medical technology business aspects first.

6. We emphasize the IT and intelligent software, and intelligent design engineering to serve inventors and producers of medical devices and wearable tech ("Internet of Things"), because this is The Big Global Market for Today and Tomorrow and for the Future. It is where we can be most productive and profitable, and also it is how we can hire top people and bring some of them to live and work right in Brain Mountain, here in the Sochi area. But as you can read and understand, there is More to Brain Mountain. There is more "deep science" and "deep learning." There is much that our advanced IT and intelligent software can serve in some very important and challenging areas of Energy, Environment, Space, and also Security, both "cyber" and "physical." We even have a small project getting underway now that addresses aircraft safety, aircraft and airport security, and air travel safety!

Having deep, big, long-term Vision for the Future, such as about Quantum Computing and Commercial Nuclear Fusion, is important for the future of Humanity. But it is very important that all such deep Vision be linked carefully and strongly with practical, current, applicable, feasible Economics and Finance. The fact that we have worked to make such strong links and foundations, the fact that we have what the Market wants and needs Today, is part of what makes Brain Mountain so unique, so special, and so Powerful.

We hope that this helps give you further pespective. There are not a lot of names of companies, people, etc. here right now. The reasons should be obvious - we are really getting started with everything, and it will be better for us to talk, meet, and then go into details on a 1:1 basis. Thank you for understanding!

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