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Гора Мозга -- Brain Mountain
Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

жизнь.уполномочена.жизнь.усиливается      life.empowered.lives.engaged

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Focusing upon Current Activities Underway:

Гора Мозга      Brain Mountain

Corporate Technology Business Center

Information and Intelligence Companies

Technologies and Products serving Emerging Global Needs in Medicine, Sports and Social Applications

Right now (Spring, 2016) our focus is upon organizing collaborations and engagements among different providers, partners, and sponsors. Our emphasis upon both the IT sector and the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine) education and training sector.

Among our major initiatives now is to design, implement and provide a large and continuous international media campaign for attracting more visitors to the Sochi area (seaside and mountyains), especially foreign visitors from the EU, Canada, USA, and Asia-Pacific countries.

This is a great way for Brain Mountain to become very well established in the Sochi and general Russian business communities.

We aim to produce a new generation of websites, mobile apps, YouTube videos, and much more in creative media, to tell the World - clearly, properly, attractively - why it is excellent to come for holidays and vacations, for professional meetings, and for Doing 21st Century Real Business - in the Sochi Region, whether one prefers the seaside or the mountains or a little of both!

We are also strongly marketing our abilities to organize and manage a large variety of clinical medical trials - with volunteer patient populations carefully selected from across Russia and neighboring countries - for international companies and universities with new medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and therapeutic techniques. We are assembling the infrastructure and the management of People, Services, Networks, Formal Policies and Regulations - in a way that has never been done before, for international clinical trials. We are already working with a few renowned and well-established institutions, specialists, and companies, in the USA, Canada, European Union, ans in ASEAN countries.

We have already a line of established and in-market software products that are from our founding-member-partner companies. These products serve both corporate and individual customers, with analytical information regarding visitors and participants on different websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and especially corporate advertising sites.

We are advancing our plans for different seminars, trainings, conferences, symposia, and specialized professional meetings. Among those that are in the planning stages:

Upcoming Planned Workshops, Seminars, Conferences:

Workshop on Brain and Sports Medicine – tentative dates in October 2016

Conference on Brain and Sports Medicine – tentative dates in May, 2017
Focus: Neurodegenerative disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Sports injuries to brain and CNS, Neurorestorative medicine and therapy

Virtual Reality in Brain and Sport Medicine –early 2017

The Internet of Things and New Advances in Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition - 2016 or 2017

Innovations in Critical Care Nursing and Long-term Rehabilitation - Summer, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Customer Relations and Services - Summer, 2017

The Krasnaya Conferences - (four series in physics, biology, socioeconomics and space sciences)
based upon the TETRAD Seminar Series, resuming a revised schedule in mid-2017 – see http://instinnovstudy.org/seminarseries.php

ExITE – Entrepreneurial Innovation and Technology Execution - “incubator-accelerator” seminars and trainings – starting in late 2016

Quantum Computing for Future Aircraft Design and Safety - 2016 or 2017

Quantum Computing for Achieving the Goal of Controlled Nuclear Fusion - 2016 or 2017

Eurasia "BRAIN STEM" Summit - 2016 or 2017
Bringing together in one place the leading decision makers of national and international science and technology initiatives and programs, to discuss and produce new and improved collaborations among researchers and businesses in the European and Asian nations

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